Sanneng Bakeware (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. has a bright and clean sample show room over 220m2 , which covered all series of Sanneng category with a wide range of more than 2000 kinds of products. By the layout design, there would have three different areas. First, the round shape Business Chatting Room which located at the central of sample roomis used for business negotiation. Second, we have a special area which is called New Product Gallery for the latest products. The rest area is used to display various products which have lots of seriesincluding multi-link cake mould seriesbaking tray seriescake mould seriesmousse ring seriesknife seriesSiikomart & Wilton product and others.

Sanneng Bakeware Cooperation(Taiwan)


Sanneng Bakeware(Wuxi) Co., Ltd

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